Egret Admin Dashboard

Grab the most developer friendly Bootstrap 4 HTML Admin Dashboard, UI Kits & Design System.

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File Structure

Egret file structure is layout/demo based. Each layout folder is complete project. Consisting of src & dist folders. You will make your style & javascript customization in src folder. Everything in dist/assets will be generated from src.

Directory/File Descriiption
· layout[x] Layout directory (e.g. layout1, layout2, layout3, layout4)
Build system
· build-tools Directory for build system.
· gulp
Gulp compilation, copy, compress tasks for Js, SCSS, fonts and images.
· node_modules
Source files of Plugins & packages. This directory will be created by running npm install.
· gulp.config.js
Configuratoin file for gulp tasks.
· gulpfile.js
Main gulp file for running gulp tasks.
· helpers.js
Utility functions for compilation process.
· package.json
Package manager configuration file.
Source files
· src
Source SCSS, Js, image, font files are located in this directory.
· fonts
Directory for fonts.
· images
Directory for images.
· js
Directory for javascript files.
· components
Js files for Egret's main components.
· layouts
Js files for Egret's layout.
· pages
Js files for Egret individiul pages (e.g. analytic.js).
· data
Dummy JSON data.
· scss
Directory for SCSS files.
· base
Includes variables, functions, mixins.
· components
Component style files.
· customized-plugins
Custom style files for plugins.
· layouts
Style file for layout.
· pages
Independent style files for each custom pages.
· utilities
Custom utility classes.
· _reboot.scss
Style reboot.
· egret-design-system.scss
Main root file of SCSS style files.
· egret-design-system-dark.scss
Main root SCSS file of dark version.
Distribution files
· dist
Distribution directory.
· assets
Compiled and compressed SCSS, Js, image, font files are located in this directory.
· vendors
This directory is generated by config.copy['vendors'] of Gulp config.
· css
Directory for compiled CSS files.
· pages
Compiled independent style files for each custom pages. Generated by config.copy['scss-pages']
· main.bundle.min.css
Main CSS bundle. Generated by config.bundle['main']
· main-dark.bundle.min.css
Main CSS bundle of dark version. Generated by config.bundle['main-dark']
· vendors.bundle.min.css
CSS bundle of required vendors. Generated by config.bundle['vendors']
· js
Directory for compiled Javascript files.
· pages
Compiled independent js files for each custom pages. Generated by config.copy['js']
· data
Dummy data. Copied by config.copy['data'].
· main.bundle.min.js
Main Js bundle. Generated by config.bundle['main']
· vendors.bundle.min.js
Js bundle of required vendors. Generated by config.bundle['vendors']
· fonts
Directory for fonts. Copied by config.copy['images-fonts']
· images
Directory for images. Copied by config.copy['images-fonts']