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Gulp config

Egret provides you build tools to streamline your production build and compilation process. We have configured code compilation, asset management, source and distribution path in gulp.config.js. You can edit the configuraion as your requirements.

gulp.config.js located at egret/build-tools

Config property Type Descriiption
config.dist object Contains distribution path of assets
config.src object Contains source path of assets
Bundle Options
config.bundle object Contains bundle configurations
config.bundle[bundle_name] object [bundle_name] is the name of the bundle. You can change this name. Generated bundle name will be [bundle_name].bundle.min.js and [bundle_name].bundle.min.css
Default bundles
  • main
  • main-dark
  • vendors
config.bundle[bundle_name].src object Contains packages to be bundled.
config.bundle[bundle_name].src[package_name] object [package_name] is name of the package. This object contains JS and style files.
config.bundle[bundle_name].src[package_name].js array Contains JS source files of [package_name] package
config.bundle[bundle_name].src[package_name].style array Contains style source files(scss/css) of [package_name] package
config.bundle[bundle_name].dist object Contains distribution path of bundled files.
config.bundle[bundle_name] string Distribution path of bundled CSS ([bundle_name].bundle.css) file.
config.bundle[bundle_name].dist.js string Distribution path of bundled JS ([bundle_name].bundle.js) file.
Copy Options
config.copy object Contains assets(js, scss, css, images, fonts & etc) to be copied to dist.
config.copy[group_name] object Name of a group of assets to be copied to dist.
Nothing depends on this names.
Default group names
  • vendors
  • images-fonts
  • js
  • data
  • scss
config.copy[group_name].baseDir string Path of a base/parent directory from where child directories are copied.
Child directories are specified in config.copy[group_name].src[item_name].dir
This is required to tell gulp that copy entire directory instead of only files.
config.copy[group_name].src string Contains the items to be copied.
config.copy[group_name].src[item_name] string Contains the array of directory path.
Nothing depends on this names.
config.copy[group_name].src[item_name].dir array An array of directory paths. This derectories are copied to config.copy[group_name].dist
config.copy[group_name].dist string Directories are copied to this location.