Egret Admin Dashboard

Grab the most developer friendly Bootstrap 4 HTML Admin Dashboard, UI Kits & Design System.

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Gulp Quick Start

1. Download Egret latest source files form Themeforst

2. Download and install Node.js from

3. Open your command prompt or terminal at downloaded_folder/html/build-tools

4. Install the latest version of npm

5. Install gulp to automate your SCSS and js code compilation.

6. Verify the gulp is install and installed version.

7. Install dependencies.

8. Complile all the assests(SCSS, JS, Images, fonts, icons etc).

--layout1 determines the layout and --prod compress and minifies assets.
Assets will be compiled to egret/layout[x]/dist/assets

9. Start localhost and watch file change.


For jquery missing path issue Error: File not found with singular glob: /build-tools/node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js


For common npm issues

  • 1. Re-install dependencies: rm -Rf node_modules && npm install
  • 2. Run gulp --layout1
  • If this did not work, try running npm cache clean and repeat the above steps.